Apartment and Building Owners Insurance

Owning an apartment building is not just a money matter. It is an investment in time. The time that it takes to manage your rental property and tenants. It takes precious hours away from your spouse, children, and friends as you work to protect an investment property that provides a long-term income for your family.

The dedicated insurance professionals at Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers have more than 20 years of experience advising individuals like you to the right insurance policy. They’ll get you the perfect policy to protect you from the risks your rental properties are exposed to every day. In an effort to ensure that you get adequate values on the limits of coverage on your building, we go the extra step by conducting a Marshall and Swift’s appraisal at no extra charge to our clients. This independent third party appraisal helps in our joint decision to correctly insure your property. Making sure that there is adequate coverage so that you’re not underinsured, is important, of course, but also making sure there’s no duplication or over-insurance.

We shop for competitive coverages for our clients. Pricing, and strong, A. M. Best rated insurance companies are also important considerations. It is our job to help make the claims process—should you ever need it—easy and thorough. Since the process of making you whole again after a covered loss is the driving force behind your decision to insure with us, Dick Wardlow, himself, personally monitors every claim that our clients submit. But we feel that preventing claims is just as important to us as helping to process them. That’s why Dick is a member of several safety associations, allowing him to heighten his knowledge of both risk and loss prevention and share that knowledge with you.

Mold Program

After many months in the development stage, we are very pleased to announce that our new Group Mold Program is now accessible to our clients.

This coverage would apply to the mold exposure you have due to the Pollution Exclusion that is in all Property/Liability policies. This is available at a low cost, due in part to the large number of group members banding together to purchase this coverage. To receive your personalized quote and further details regarding the program, please contact Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers toll free at 1.800.298.3000.

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