Amusement and Festival Insurance

As Dick Wardlow often said, "Service is an important part of any insurance policy, it’s our responsibility to our clients. It’s what sets us apart."

It’s not easy to find insurance professionals who understand the ins and outs of the amusement business. Amusement vendors have very specific insurance needs and concerns. And in order to ensure that they are addressed properly by their insurance policy, they need the experience of a knowledgeable professional who understands their business; a professional staff who can anticipate the individual needs of each vendor and who are willing to take the time to build policy coverages that protects the vendor against loss exposure.

The insurance professionals at Dick Wardlow Insurance Brokers have been working with Amusement Vendors and have real-life experience building customized insurance policies that cover their exposures. But our brokers also recognize the value of a working system, and for that reason we have specially designed programs for certain vendors, from Moon Bounces to Kettle Korn and other Food Concession vendors. Our experience with this line of insurance also allows us to assist you in being proactive about your coverage. We help you identify and consider the possible exposures before an insurable occurrence happens to you. Please be sure to check the exclusions listed below.

Please note that no coverage is included for the following activities: medical test or exams; blood tests; body piercing; permanent/temporary tattoos; face painting; liquor sales; retail stores; motor sport activities; haunted house attractions; fireworks and weapons; inflatable devices (must be on stand alone policy); rope ladders; climbing devices of any type; games with shooting projectiles including cork guns, bean bags, etc; metal tip darts; non-caged animal acts/attractions; petting zoos; all mechanical rides including mechanical bulls, orbitrons; rental of licensed or unlicensed vehicles, scooters, wheelchairs, baby strollers wagons, shopping carts, demonstrations.

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